by Inania Regna

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released January 1, 2019


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Inania Regna Spain

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Track Name: Suddenly Bloodstained
I wake at dawn, suddenly bloodstained
I can´t remember what has happened in this room
Bloodstained, what have I done, for God´s sake?
An abduction of adrenaline
I hear a voice, malicious whispers
She is always taking care about me in my head
Bloodstained, I didn´t want to do it!
My heart is now all full of rage
If you´re afraid... run, run!
Mother told me "Bad girls are they all in Hell..."
If you can´t run... pray, pray!
If you can pray, why don´t you talk to him about me?
If you don´t pray... stay, stay!
Ancestral horror, my honour was raped
I can´t deny, the damnation is mine, fire...
Stay away, don´t touch that flame, girl!
Forgive me for... Don´t hold your expectations!
Nobody knows what I have seen inside me...
"Dissociative Identity Disorder involves the existence of two or more personalities in a person, each with its own way of perceiving and acting."
Inner illness, a mind in decay, a silent weapon, a shout out of frame
Somebody is breathing so close to me, suddenly bloodstained, wires turning off...
"Paranoid Schizophrenia: egocentrism and isolation, an expression of loss of contact with reality, delusional ideas and disturbances of perception."
Constellations of evil arrive, a fear begotten, ignorance enthroned
Years of delusions, let´s children play, suddenly bloodstained, wires turning on...
Track Name: Inania regna - Queen Of Horror
This is my reign, where darkness shines in pain around
Here is my pain, oblivion...
Shattered by the wind and the ghouls in her brain, afraid of her nightmares
Can you feel this grey, cold breath?
An inception of pure and evil mad thoughts inside... and the void
Black and evil red clouds are carrying on her back ebony skies
A bloodbath in the bed, a crazy joke from the spirits of her past
A gloomy night, a black and evil howling sin
Conspicuous and ancestral mantras deconstructing the fear
Unknown strange outsiders speaking to the snakes
A psychopathic boredom, your wisdom doesn´t work
Screaming broken trees, the darkest night in the middle of the day
A crying star is howling for the end of times
And when the light blinds our eyes, Queen Of Horror
You will ask, you will run defeated, Queen Of Horror
Come join the Zyklon Circus, Queen Of Horror
Won´t you pray in your last embrace? Queen Of Horror
Internal superstitions, Divine Grace, Trumpeter
Allow the beast to feed me, the shine is shining now
Track Name: A Pale Hand
In the roots of the mind,
putrefaction and dementia are strongly masked.
Humanity is the sickness
that is reborn as a phoenix from corruption and malevolence.
Misanthropy is the cure.
A pale hand, cherry trees and a grey sky
Those left behind, a monument to the end of it all
Cold inside, a broken mirror burning
This loneliness will show me the direction
Darkness in freedom, questions fly behind me
Oddest intentions, blackened speech for white nights
Haze and clouds, narrow paths for my self destruction
An architect fixing parts of a life in disgrace
Undead dawn, a ritualistic mission
This loneliness will show me the direction
Nothing else but an old man´s pale hand, nothing else but a dead pale hand
Crows on crowns, despair is backing home
Nocturnal feast, (something) insane at the back of my mind
Light outside, a needle in a haystack
This loneliness will show me the direction
Ice blows...
Track Name: Life Oscillates Between Pain And Boredom
To love is essentially to suffer
And if to live is to love all life is by essence all suffering
The higher is the soul the more it suffers, life of a man is only struggle for existence
Life is a hunt in pain
You´re only a actor running through this cold and grey scene
How long is the night of unlimited time when compared to the dream of life
Life is a hunt, hunter or hunted
Existence is nothing more than an episode from nothing
Love with no reason, always in suffering, fighting forever, and then you are dying
And so on for centuries until our world is shattered
So on for centuries until our planet is shattered
Wake up from the dream of life, the world is my own portrayal
Life is an episode disturbing the peace of our void
Life has no answers because it really has no questions
We need to explain ourselves the meaning of this nightmare
Fighting your idols, embracing shadows
Loneliness is the fate of all excellent spirits
Pathway to annihilation, life oscillates between pain and boredom
The mourning for a dream, the veil of Maya
What the rain is for fire is the pity for the anger
We wander in chaos, the labyrinth of life
Moments of clarity light our way like a lightning
To want to live forever, the most stupid error, perpetuating a mistake for immortality
We wander in chaos, we are living an illusion
Real Hell is nothing but this damned Earth for millions
Track Name: Deepression
A curtain is swayed by the breeze and the sunset announces the countdown
Over time is inexorable, latent decrepitude comes out with each breath
Death will gather us all, lead us to the place where we once escaped
This is the moment for you to regret
Naivete made us believe that we were capable, that exhaustion would never reach us
Only faith and will, the only weapons, now I know that I need more than this
I'm falling into a spiral of depression and substances abuse
The end is near, for better or worse, no need to remorse
These days slip between my hands, I´m in the struggle
There are no words to express the pain, I am the lion
My human death in prime time, a courtesy; my last goodbye is coming, let´s go to see
I will destroy the whole of my conversations, I am empty, death comes tonight
All that you can see are not inventions, now I see nothing but fear
Track Name: The End´s Inception
Nobody escapes from obligatory debts
You play, you pay
Evolutionary mistakes
One shot, one kill
Human being was a disease and now is a plague
It´s time to kill your idols
No one will survive this plan
Evil eye, witches curse, scorched earth, the end´s inception
Distrusting our redemptory speech, no more words
Your light is now a shadow
Embracing faith in vain
There won´t be forgiveness
Now the time has come
Gear of life and death
It´s law of inertia
Self-awareness as a torture, a cursed toy
The hollow of existence will be filled with silence
Track Name: The Hands Resist Him
He´s just a five years old kid playing with that old fire
Next to him stand a doll holding an odd battery
Ghostly hands are waiting for the boy to cross the crystal door
Different mirrors for the child to watch himself in different lives
An inert guide with dull eyes will escort him where the path is scary
Just a child´s invention could create the pit of every horrors
Come in... threshold! Come in, don´t be afraid!
There´s a moon behind the veil feeding the owls every night
Cold, darkest canvas... The Hands Resist Him
There is a sad and rigid look dreaming of being unchained
Cold, darkest canvas... The Hands Resist Him

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